Welcome to Student Crisis Center

Di tengah-tengah urar-urat yang tegang coz ngerjain TA… baca cover “diary” TA ku…lucu juga…

Welcome to Student Crisis Center

We’ll help your study hard instantly

Press 1 to show your brain system information device manager

Press 2 to optimized your brain

Press 3 to back up your brain

Press 4 to restore your brain system check point

Press 5 to clean up your brain

Press 6 to scan your brain

Press 7 to removing your brain found bad sector

Press 8 to defrag your brain

Press 9 to reformat your brain

Press 0 to reinstall your brain

Press # to contact your brain technical support

Press * to contact your reset your brain

by http://www.humblebook.com


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Student Crisis Center

  1. @ajinugroho

    @afwan auliyar
    Iya amiin…ini lagi belajar sabar, Wan.
    ya…semoga pada kelar semua … the best for us from Allah SWT …

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